What’s in our backpacks?

Savvy packing!

So, what is in our backpacks?

This is a tricky question, as it changes for each country. It was hot when we went to India and we knew we could buy clothes relatively cheaply so didn’t pack too many clothes. Whereas Japan is colder in January so we had to pack layers which take up a lot of room.

We’ve put together a basic list of what we carry with us, and will add to it each time we travel.

– toiletries, we like to carry as little as possible so we buy the little travel bottles and fold up toothbrushes

– hand sanitizer – this is a must have at all times!

– flip flops – you never know what the shower situation might be!

– 2 pairs trousers, 3 tops, 1 jumper, underwear (I find a soft bra is the comfiest for travelling)

-adapters,phone charger, camera charger etc

– we like to take lots of photos so usually carry a Polaroid camera as well as our phones

– medicine – a good supply of Imodium in case you are caught off guard, especially on the trains…

– A good pair of comfy shoes, trainers or a pair of Toms

– a waterproof just in case!

– a water bottle, we found the filter ones to be the best.

– carabiners and a small lock just in case you need to lock your bag up or attach items to your bags when on the move.

– a travel pillow – this was a blessing on the overnight sleeper trains

– Hand clothes wash – so great for washing your smalls in a sink When you can’t afford to get them washed

Each Time we travel we get better at taking less stuff, but as we are only travelling for 3 weeks it’s handy to take less and you can always buy things when you get there!