Who are the inconsistent travellers?

Hi there!

We have decided to start a blog to document our travels around the world, mostly for a record of our journey, but also to share our trips with others.

So who are we? We are Grant and Rach from Devon and Bristol and take a month out to go travelling once a year. I (Rach) work in costume for TV so I can be quite flexible with when I take time off, and Grant works as a support worker and saves up his holiday so he can take a month off each year. It’s because of our inconsistent travelling that we came up with the blog name.

Last March we went to India, travelling from Delhi down to Mumbai using sleeper trains and stopping off in various cities along the way. This was our first time ‘backpacking’ and it’s safe to say, we got the travel bug! 

This year we wanted to go back to India to explore the south of the country, but after lots of discussions, looking up flights and working out the money side of things we decided to travel around Japan for 3 weeks, which was the next country to visit on our list! 

We hope you enjoy our blog!
Grant and Rach x


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