Devon to Japan: New Year’s Day hangover

Whose idea was it to book a flight from London on the 2nd January when we were revelling in Devon for New Years Eve…. probably mine!

New Year’s Day and we both have a sore head and the last thing we wanted to do is think about packing, let alone make our way to Bristol where we would stay the night before journeying to London the following day, but we are going to Japan so packing must commence!

After a a huge fry up and a 10km muddy bike ride to shake off the rest of the alcohol, Grant was given an hour and a half to pack his bags and get sorted as we wanted to get to Bristol in good time. Needless to say that allocated hour and a half turned into two and a half hours! After a lot of nagging from me and even more panic packing from Grant we finally bundled into the car and we were on our way…oh wait lets just check the oil is ok and other various car things whilst standing in the dark in the wind and rain. Such fun!

We finally made it to Bristol and were onto the train to London pretty quickly this morning, we were on our way!!

See you in Japan!


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